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WWE’s Austin Theory Threatens Australian Journalist for Disrespecting Pro Wrestling

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WWE is preparing for their Elimination Chamber, one of their popular PLE events, which takes place this Saturday from Perth, Australia and the company, along with a slate of their superstars, are currently in the country ahead of the highly anticipated event.

But this week has not been without drama, especially as the media in Australia covers the event, and the WWE superstars taking part. One specific incident involved WWE superstar Austin Theory and an Australian journalist who seemed to cross the line, at least in Theory’s eyes.

During an interview with The West Australian , Theory was involved in a heated exchange with the editor-in-chief of The West Australian, Anthony De Ceglie, who irked Theory with some rather disrespectful remarks about professional wrestling.

Obviously, this sort of media interaction is different from what WWE wrestlers experience in regards to pro wrestling journalists and mainstream media as well, and it led to Theory threatening to put De Ceglie in his place for crossing the line when he asserted that wrestling seemed to lack the toughness defined in Australian Rules football or Rugby League.

“You brought me here and you’re going to talk to me like this?” Theory said in a heated response.

“Just cause you’re in charge of some sh%t doesn’t mean you can talk to me like this. You’re saying what I do is easy and you’re in front of all of your people talking about my job is easy … you couldn’t walk a damn day in my shoes. Are you kidding me man? I will smack the sh%t outta you right now. I’m not playing around. Y’all bring me all the way out here for some media and this guy is talking his f*cking head off. What’s his problem?”

You can watch the exchange below:


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